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Take the Confusion out of Medicare

Become Informed and Protected
In 60 Minutes or Less

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Save Time

Save weeks or months of painful & confusing research

Save Money

Learn how to avoid the major pitfalls that cost consumers $1,000's per year

Expert in Your Corner

Have an experienced advocate to turn to for advice & guidance during your transition to Medicare and continue to guide you through the Medicare changes that will affect you each year

Call an Advisor 888-333-0120

We understand how it feels to be overwhelmed with mail, phone calls & TV commercials and not know where to turn...

Our Advisors work with many companies and have personally helped thousands of clients to clear up the confusion and find the right plan for the right reasons.

Call an Advisor 888-333-0120


I attended 4 workshops prior to this one. I wish I would have gone to this workshop 1st.  I would have learned everything I needed in less than an hour.

I'm a retired teacher and the way this information was laid out and communicated was excellent.

No pressure to buy and lots of different companies and plans to choose from.  The instructor's knowledge was very impressive.

Goodbye Confusion!

3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Sign Up for a 60-minute workshop
Email for personal appointment
Call and chat with an educated Advisor

Step 2

Attend a workshop or talk with an Advisor that will give you clear and easy to understand information that is specifically designed for you

Step 3

Now you have the knowledge.
Confidently choose a Medicare Plan that fits your lifestyle and financial plan.
Have a personal relationship with 
an Advisor that guides you through the Medicare changes that will affect you each year.

Call an Advisor 888-333-0120

A Must-Have FREE PDF

This guide will help you avoid some of the biggest mistakes people unknowingly make when signing up for Medicare.  Don't be one of them.

What Makes Next Step Advisors So Different?

We have developed a unique 45-minute training, that easily and successfully guides you through every step of Medicare.  Most people/companies teach you about the 4 parts of Medicare, which is important but that is not the whole story....

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