Now that we have all the online knowledge available at our fingertips, its easy to assume that we can get any answer we need by doing our own research. Well, that may be right if you are buying a car, but there are still some things that end up seeming more confusing the more we read. The process of transitioning to Medicare is one of these things. This is because it is simply NOT a one-size-fits-all process. There are a myriad of different options and requirements which are unique to each individual and their circumstances.


"Even if you research for weeks on your own, it's still confusing!"— Ally  (NSA client)


This is where a trusted advisor from NEXT STEP ADVISORS will be a huge help. Our advisors provide comprehensive, objective information so that you can make the decisions that are right for you today and into the future. And the best part is that there in NO FEE charged to you for our service! You could spend WEEKS studying the complex options under Medicare, or meet with one of our advisors, take as much time as you need to thoroughly understand the complex decision you face, then make your own choices.


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How Does This Work?

  • We charge no fee to our clients
  • You pay the same price whether you go directly to the company or use our service
  • Our goal is getting the best policy for you and your budget


  • We represent all of the major companies
  • We educate, advise and simplify the Medicare process for you